Are you required to file a BOI report?

All domestic and international business registered wih any of the 50 US states are required to file this report, unless included in an exemption.

FinCEN BOI Filing

Who do we serve?

As a reliable partner in government filings, we serve clients managing or owning entities like:

Business Owners

If you own an LLC in the United States or have a beneficial ownership in the LLC, you are more than likely required to file a BOI report

Accountants & Bookkeepers

If you are filing BOI reports on behalf of your clients, FinCEN BOI Filing makes the process quick and easy

Law Firms

If you are an attorney handling the regulatory requirements for business owners, FinCEN BOI Filing can take the BOI report off your plate

Is there any exemption for certain entities?

Certain entities may be exempt from the BOI reporting requirements, such as publicly traded companies, government entities, and others that operate under specific regulatory environments.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Failure to comply with the BOI reporting requirements can result in significant fines and penalties, of up to $500 per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Beneficial Ownership Filing process? Check out FinCEN BOI Filing's frequently asked questions for the answer.

Yes, failing to file a BOI report can result in substantial penalties, including hefty fines and potential legal repercussions. Learn more about the BOI deadlines and non-filing BOI penalties.

Filing a BOI takes about 5-10 minutes and can be done here. If you’re not sure if you are required to file, you can take the one minute BOI Eligibility Quiz.

Filing a BOI takes 5-10 minutes and can be done here. If you’re unsure if you are required to file, you can take the one minute BOI Eligibility Quiz.

You’ll need details of beneficial owners (name, address, ID number) and basic company information (name, address, registration details). Check out our ultimate guide to filing a BOI report for a complete list of items needed.

Generally, most businesses, except for some exempt categories like publicly traded companies, are required to file a BOI report. For a comprehensive list of businesses who need to file, check out the essential guide to BOI reporting.


The due date for BOI reports varies based on jurisdiction and specific business circumstances. You can learn more about the BOI deadlines here.

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  • Securities reporting issuer
  • Governmental authority
  • Bank
  • Credit union
  • Depository institution holding company
  • Money services business
  • Broker or dealer in securities
  • Securities exchange or clearing agency
  • Other Exchange Act registered entity
  • Investment company or investment adviser
  • Venture capital fund adviser
  • Insurance company
  • State-licensed insurance producer
  • Commodity Exchange Act registered entity
  • Accounting firm
  • Public utility
  • Financial market utility
  • Pooled investment vehicle
  • Tax-exempt entity
  • Entity assisting a tax-exempt entity
  • Large operating company
  • Subsidiary of certain exempt entities
  • Inactive entity